Banning beastly

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Banning beastly

Post by SOOTHSAYER on Sun May 08, 2011 4:52 pm

A user buy the name of (DKL) (RSG) beastly was being a prick and trash talking players yesterday when i joined toybox so i told him to obey rule 1, but he didn't listen and he started screaming things about no kids on the mic so i told him to shut up cuz i don't like the sound of screaming morons at night. so this kept happening for a few minutes until someone voted to kick him so i tried to get his steam id because people like this should not be allowed on toybox. In short he broke rules 1 and 6 and also he claimed to an admin and when i said im friends with every admin and i typed in "!adminonline" he typed it in too and then said "Oh well not on this server though" and thats when he was kicked so rules 1,6, and 9.



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