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What a Rodney Empty What a Rodney

Post by Daxst3r on Sun Jun 05, 2011 8:52 am

One to watch out for:

"ripoff rodney" STEAM_1:0:30479972

ripoff rodney [DELETED: w_weapons/w_minigun.mdl] (7356.555664, 3906.947753, 247.698013)
ripoff rodney [DELETED: props_fortifications/barricade_gate001_64_reference.mdl] (7343.465332, 3881.522460, 248.031250)
ripoff rodney [DELETED: props_fortifications/barricade_gate001_64_reference.mdl] (7371.607421, 3936.596191, 375.968750)
ripoff rodney [DELETED: props_fortifications/barricade_gate001_64_reference.mdl] (7511.425781, 3955.397216, 375.968750)
ripoff rodney [DELETED: props_fortifications/barricade_gate001_64_reference.mdl] (7414.295898, 3953.802978, 375.968750)
ripoff rodney [DELETED: props_urban/fence_cover001_128.mdl] (7463.715332, 3958.747558, 375.968750)
ripoff rodney [DELETED: props_fortifications/barricade_gate001_64_reference.mdl] (7463.588378, 3953.361816, 375.968750)
ripoff rodney [DELETED: props_doors/checkpoint_door_01.mdl] (7592.500976, 3958.608642, 298.031250)
ripoff rodney [DELETED: props_fortifications/barricade_gate001_64_reference.mdl] (7619.805175, 3961.231689, 375.968750)

Playing Generator room map on TB6

I kept very nicely asking this guy to stop blocking all the zombie spawns, we all know how just a few walls can block the whole map on this one.... I mean whats the point in playing if all the spawns are blocked?????
So he tries to kick me and then deletes almost everything id done, really clever stuff.

The twist is then he leaves/joins and starts claiming it was his brother.... Fair enough, story might be true give the guy a chance to kick his brother in the a55, but watch out for this stuff in future.

"Brother" seemed to be very helpful.


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What a Rodney Empty Re: What a Rodney

Post by beaver on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:35 am

I hate it when people use that "excuse" Simple solution would be to log off steam, and password protect it. I understand some people share accounts. I do... But the bottom line here is rules are rules.


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What a Rodney Empty Re: What a Rodney

Post by Warden on Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:13 am

Your responsible for whatever anybody does on your account.

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What a Rodney Empty Re: What a Rodney

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