Bring RPG back?

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Bring RPG back? Empty Bring RPG back?

Post by Sebastian on Sun Jan 02, 2011 11:09 am

With the RPG mod it felt alot more rewarding to kill a tank.... i mean shit they have 30k hp? more even?
idk it just feels kinda sad to kill a tank and not get something for it


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Bring RPG back? Empty Re: Bring RPG back?

Post by Puffin on Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:26 pm

I agree, that made it a lot more fun for me. You should bring it back.


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Bring RPG back? Empty Re: Bring RPG back?

Post by Damian Payne on Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:43 pm

From this thread.
Remove the RPG
The plugin itself is huge. ~4000 lines of code just to keep competition and spamming in check. To save players' stats, it sends and receives data from a text file stored on the server. Because there had been issues in one of its earlier versions with saves not working properly, I tried to ensure the data was sent by adding save calls at various points in the code - when the player gets a kill, heals, defibs, revives, etc. This made saving work ~99%. I still can't figure out what's causing that 1% failure as just yesterday someone's stats got reset. Because so many calls are being made to access this text file, it also has potential to cause quite a bit of lag. There's just too much room for error.

Also, if Toybox were to expand and we gained more servers, that data wouldn't be accessible across servers. I would have to store all the stats on some external database and include an entirely new system for saving into the RPG code.
At the moment, we're focusing on the building and creating aspect for Toybox. RPGs and Stat systems are already on a whole lot of other servers. Though, it's that element of creation that makes Toybox unique. The RPG might return some day, but not this soon.
Damian Payne
Damian Payne

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Bring RPG back? Empty Re: Bring RPG back?

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