a treehouse of 5 year olds

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a treehouse of 5 year olds Empty a treehouse of 5 year olds

Post by ShadowHunter12 on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:57 am

There are a group of kids on the server that were outright not fighting, they were holing up in a treehouse and weren't letting me out of it when i joined, when i forced my way out by removing the door, they randomly kicked me unamiously, the following is the list of players on the server at the time

"woodital" STEAM_1:1:31962803
"Orb" STEAM_1:1:34168348

"kirby you fat bastard" STEAM_1:1:30373885
"HELLO" STEAM_1:1:24314685
"caden" STEAM_1:1:5924043

all of them excluding me and jenne were basically less than 12 years old, and kicking anyone who joins that didn't join them in the stupid little house, they even were kicking people for throwing a vomit jar! And they kicked me once i rejoined as well and gave them a warning to stop with the constant random votekicks. They are ruining the server for everyone else and just letting the amount of infected grow and grow until their mass is more than the sun. They wont listen to any reason. I strongly suggest banning them temporarily or permanently because all they are doing is hogging slots on the server.

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a treehouse of 5 year olds Empty Re: a treehouse of 5 year olds

Post by Damian Payne on Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:10 pm

It's been handled.
Damian Payne
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