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Proposition for Toybox Empty Proposition for Toybox

Post by Surf3rDud3 on Thu May 26, 2011 4:22 pm

Well I'll go ahead and make it public since I've already told Damian. I don't know if anyone knows what or who [sBf] is but we *had* the same intentions as Toybox. And as may know Toybox blew us away with their server features. And I gladly accept that. Anywayz

Now down to business our website is soon to shut down to payment issues. We have 4 different source engine servers that need a good healthy home. It just seems right to offer them to the people that beat us in the competition over modded L4D2 Servers. I like the organization and complexity of Toybox. And i see that most of you have your shit together. The problem we had was the modding part of it i was forced to pay others to mod for me which was expensive on my part and the community i had. And when saw that a new group arisen in L4D2 with the modded servers i new that you were the one that would succeed. You know how to mod which is a great plus to a team that runs servers like these. I just want to help and be apart of Toybox. I really don't know the source code but i can always help money wise and im not trying to bribe any of you but I want to offer my services to you. I like to see players happy about a group so dedicated as you. I've looked over the site and steam group and i see that there's problems with the number of server you have. Well i want to fix that.

I want to be an active player/member with you. I'll make sure to play on the Toybox servers and get to know the admins more and by the way i don't have a squeaky voice... Just thought id throw that in there since I've seen a lot on the matter on the forums.

I 'm really tired of overseeing or leading groups because of the chaos it comes with it. But i also don't want stop running servers, i consider it a habit of having them. And i don't want them to just sit.

The only main thing I'm worried about at the moment is gaining your trust in this all. I'm certainly not a bad person. I'm not a fraud and I'm not scamming you or anyone else. It's grown on me to work together with a group that has the same intentions as i do, Fun. I think this is a great business and fun opportunity for you all.

We currently have a variety of game servers. But I definitely will be able to make them all Left 4 Dead 2 Servers. As soon as the support staff of my provider changes the servers to the specific information i gave him I will gladly post the proof of the servers in this thread so you can see I'm not kidding about this. (Gametracker)

I also asked Damian if the deal was to be accepted if i could get admin. Scratch that I don't want it at first maybe later on when you trust me more. I have a friend too his name is Takelon9 hes like my partner in everything and helps out with the payments of the servers. Hes a very good guy I'll make sure he comes on and posts a bit on the matter.

PS: This is Updated from the original. I will add more if i can think of anything else to say.

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Proposition for Toybox Empty Re: Proposition for Toybox

Post by Damian Payne on Thu May 26, 2011 4:46 pm

Friend request accepted, I'll be around.
Damian Payne
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