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Look who's back Empty Look who's back

Post by Warden on Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:28 am

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! Hope you're all well. Anyway, let's get to it...

To set up this up, you must know that I entered the server and this dude was spamming me with grenade launcher explosions. I asked him to stop and he kept doing it. I disabled and happy'd him. He started spamming happy message so I decided boxing him is the only thing that will get through to him.

Boxing (boks-eeng) Verb
1) To disable and trap a player in a room with no way out, full of tanks, witches, spitters, and boomers. Publicly humiliating him/her.
2) A competitive 1 on 1 fighting sport. (not the example I'm using)
When The Warden was boxing GanerGirl69, everyone stopped to watch her die.

Anyway he came back and gave me a "wtf"

The Warden : report me or just stop
The Warden : screen shot my text if you want and post it
(Survivor) pyromania912 : i stopped then 4 minutes later you disabled
The Warden : but listening might actually go somewhere
(Survivor) pyromania912 : so i havent learned athing
The Warden : oops
[SM] The Warden: Banned player "pyromania912" for 1440 minutes (reason: Ignoring Admins).

I erased all the extra crap and left the part that matters. I told him he can report me if he thinks i'm being unfair, or just stop when I tell him to. He chose to not listen. Banned him for a day so it'll get through. If his behavior continues, so will the banning.

With Love,
The Warden

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Look who's back Empty Re: Look who's back

Post by Showharu on Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:52 am

Super jail or super boxing is back open for business watch out little one and watch your p's and q's welcome back Warden

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